Labor Force

Colleges & Universities

There are a number of colleges, universities, and technical training programs within 60 miles of Long County and the City of Ludowici. Communities have access to opportunities for higher education and professional training. Programs of study include everything from manufacturing, engineering and aviation technology to certified warehousing and distribution specialist, supply chain management, and marketing.

Military Presence


Long County is fortunate to be part of the Hinesville Metropolitan Statistical Area which includes Fort Stewart, the largest Army installation east of the Mississippi River and headquarters of the 3rd Infantry Division.  A combined total of approximately 4,500 soldiers transition out of the military at nearby Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield (HAAF) annually.  These individuals are:

  • Prompt

  • Trained to perform

  • Skilled in multiple trades

  • Computer savvy

Fort Stewart-Hunter Army Airfield is the Army's Premier Power Projection Platform on the East Coast; responsible for training, equipping, deploying and redeploying, active and reserve component Army units; and home of the historic 3rd Infantry Division.     

Stewart's 285,000 acres provides unequalled joint training opportunities along the Eastern seaboard, serving a wide array of customers - the biggest being the 3rd Infantry Division, but the Air Force, the Marine Corps, the Navy, Coast Guard, and other Army units are served as well.  Seven major drop zones, multiple tank and armored fighting vehicle gunnery ranges, helicopter gunnery ranges, small arms ranges and three live-fire maneuver areas contribute to the Dept. of Defense' ability to train joint forces on the East Coast.  

Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield has a combined economic impact of $4.9B in Coastal Georgia.  The daily working population of Stewart-Hunter is approximately 27,000, consisting of 23,000 full-time Soldiers and 4,000 Army civilian workers and contractors.  Approximately 11,500 Soldier, military Family members, and DA civilians reside on post.  Approximately 17,500 military retirees call the communities around Stewart-Hunter home.

Civilian veterans 18 years and over

Long County: 1,801 (2016)

Liberty County: 9,655 (2016)

Hinesville Metro: 11,645 (2012)